Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music

As I’ve begun the school year, I’ve had quite a few questions, both from students and colleagues, about how to go about finding composers from the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century time periods. So, I’m going to advertise some channels I’ve found about these often difficult to penetrate genres of art music. If you can, please … More Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music

Getting Inside Me – Piano Sonata No. 1 in D♭ Major, “Dreamscape”

Well, because I actually liked both composing and the finished product of this piece, I’m going to talk about it.   First and foremost is probably the structure of the piece. There are a few unusual aspects of this piece, particularly when compared to sonati of the Common Practice Period™. The most obvious one is … More Getting Inside Me – Piano Sonata No. 1 in D♭ Major, “Dreamscape”

A Few Site Remodels

Well, I’m in the process of remodeling the site because I pulled an incredibly unprofessional move and actually got two other people to help write for this son of a bitch. Those two are Djesso and Buttons, whom I mentioned earlier in Persichetti Chapter 1. Furthermore, between the three of us, I want to do … More A Few Site Remodels