Getting Inside Me – Symphony No. 1

Here comes a massive thing. This is announcing it, as well as the parameters that have to be met for it. This is basically one big challenge, given to me by Gimpybuttons Moistenminge III, and there are quite a few big ones. … More Getting Inside Me – Symphony No. 1


Getting Inside Me – Nocturne No. 1, “Étoiles”

The purpose of this piece is fairly simple. As you might have possibly guessed (hopefully at least), this piece is strongly associated with nighttime imagery, and in this case, stars, hence the name “Étoiles.” A huge aspect of this piece is the idea that, here on Earth, we are only able to see a tiny glimpse of the universe beyond our atmosphere. This is referenced in a few places, namely that of dynamics, ranges, and harmonic content. … More Getting Inside Me – Nocturne No. 1, “Étoiles”

Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music

As I’ve begun the school year, I’ve had quite a few questions, both from students and colleagues, about how to go about finding composers from the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century time periods. So, I’m going to advertise some channels I’ve found about these often difficult to penetrate genres of art music. If you can, please … More Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music

Getting Inside Me – Piano Sonata No. 1 in D♭ Major, “Dreamscape”

Well, because I actually liked both composing and the finished product of this piece, I’m going to talk about it.   First and foremost is probably the structure of the piece. There are a few unusual aspects of this piece, particularly when compared to sonati of the Common Practice Period™. The most obvious one is … More Getting Inside Me – Piano Sonata No. 1 in D♭ Major, “Dreamscape”

A Few Site Remodels

Well, I’m in the process of remodeling the site because I pulled an incredibly unprofessional move and actually got two other people to help write for this son of a bitch. Those two are Djesso and Buttons, whom I mentioned earlier in Persichetti Chapter 1. Furthermore, between the three of us, I want to do … More A Few Site Remodels