A Few Site Remodels

Well, I’m in the process of remodeling the site because I pulled an incredibly unprofessional move and actually got two other people to help write for this son of a bitch. Those two are Djesso and Buttons, whom I mentioned earlier in Persichetti Chapter 1. Furthermore, between the three of us, I want to do a joint series as well as individual series on our compositional styles and comparison/contrast of how we approach it, as well as discussion on the world of composition and how we expect it to change as time goes on. That kind of shit. After all, all three of us compose, so it would be a bit odd for a site composed entirely of composers to not at least discuss composing with each other to some degree. Expect verbal abuse.

For scores, please contact any one of us. The Score page is not quite up yet, so in the meantime, if you want a score, please email this page. Be specific. And maybe we’ll oblige in your request for music.

So a few things on this site will look different. It’s for the best, you fucknuggets.


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